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Nothing beats spending your summer nights on Scarborough Beach with your toes in the sand as you wander through a global market of culinary delights. The salty air is filled with live music, entertainment and the ceremonious ‘sunset applause’ which marks the moment each week that the sun melts into the ocean. 

Scarborough Sunset Applause

Each night we invite you to take a moment to celebrate the day that was, and welcome the evening to come, by participating in the ceremonious Scarborough Sunset Applause.

Across the sands of Scarborough Beach ...

...the sun barely kisses the water when a gentle murmur rises. A scattering of applause, swelling into whistling and whooping.

A moment in time to show appreciation for the setting sun, the day that has been.

The applause fades with the setting sun; we share the moment
and think of the night ahead.


Watch this space for announce of the epic musicians and entertainers we have in store for this year!