A nightly celebration on the iconic Scarborough Beach - commencing 1 November 2018

A nightly celebration on the iconic Scarborough Beach - commencing 1 November 2018


Each evening from 1 November a new tradition will see locals and visitors gather on Scarborough Beach in a vibrant celebration of our most precious asset - our sunset. The Scarborough Sunset Applause starts as an individual’s expression of gratitude, before erupting into a collective appreciation of the day that was, and the evening that is to come. Local businesses and the Scarborough community are championing the Applause each evening - and we invite you to join us and be part of this new tradition.

The Scarborough Sunset Applause is modelled on a experience that takes place throughout Europe and other parts of the world. It sees locals and visitors gather each evening to admire and celebrate the spectacular sunset. As the sun hits the horizon those gathered in the restaurants, bars and along the beach erupt into applause. Through this simple action a moment is created each and every evening, 365 days of the year. The Applause will become an iconic Scarborough tradition and a must do for visitors to WA. There are travellers and tourists who seek out this experience throughout the world – and we are bringing this nightly tradition to Scarborough.

Individuals become connected by this simple act of applause – strangers become friends as they take a moment in the day to stop and reflect on all that has been. After this brief moment in the day – the shared applause helps to dissolve boundaries between people and re-ignites the human connection.  

Sunsets over the ocean are unique to Western Australia and we want Scarborough to own this experience in WA. 

Across the sands of Scarborough Beach ...

...the sun barely kisses the water when a gentle murmur rises. A scattering of applause, swelling into whistling and whooping.

A moment in time to show appreciation for the setting sun and the day that has been.

The applause fades with the setting sun; we share the moment and think of the night ahead.

The first Scarborough Sunset Applause is taking place on Thursday November 1 – coinciding with the first night of the popular Scarborough Sunset Markets. Sunset on 1 November is approximately 6:40pm however we encourage you to get down early and enjoy all the food, market stalls and entertainment on offer before the first Applause!