Meet the Scarborough Beach Association Committee Members

Scarborough beach Association Wayne Bowen



Wayne has been a coastal resident for 35 years and a local Scarborough business owner for over 27 years. He has been involved in many aspects of the surf industry in Scarborough throughout this time and founded The Surf Boardroom in Scarborough in 1988.Together with partners he has grown this business to be one of the most respected surf retailers in WA. He attributes this to a passion for the industry and great staff. Wayne is a keen surfer and is committed to ensuring Scarborough business owners and residents enjoy the lifestyle this icon beach has to offer as Perth’s premier beach and surf location for the metro area. Wayne is pro-development in a sustainable and collaborative way to ensure the iconic nature of Scarborough continues for future generations.

Scarborough Beach Association Geoff Counsel





Geoff has been involved in a number of businesses in Scarborough since 1988 and is currently the General Manager of The Surf Boardroom. He has been a member of the SBA for over 15 years and is an ex Chairman. Over this time, he has been a big supporter of sensible development in Scarborough to the benefit of residents, businesses and tourists and would like the beachfront to be a place to be enjoyed by the whole community.


Ben Randall

 Ben is the owner of The Sandbar Scarborough Beach which he has had since August 2013. He was one of the first investors into Scarborough Beach prior to the MRA redevelopment. Ben is an extremely passionately Scarborough local, having lived in the area since 2011 and strongly believes in the right development of the area and can not wait for what lies ahead for this community. He has also been on the committee of this Association since February 2016. 

kara image0598159.jpg

Kara Kilgallon


Kara is the Sales & Marketing Manager at the Ramada Vetroblu Scarborough Beach,  overseeing marketing, communications, and sales into the corporate and travel market  for the new Hotel. Since joining Ramada Vetroblu, she identified opportunities for joint marketing campaigns for local businesses in the area, with the aim of creating harmony between neighbouring businesses, with an over reaching objective to drive traffic to the Scarborough area. Kara's main role within the SBA is to take care of all aspects of marketing including social media and the website design.

Scarborough Beach Association Chas Paradis

Chas Paradis

As a long term resident of Scarborough living 500 metres from the beach & café strip, Chas has had a real & active passion for Scarborough. He has been on various committees over the years including the City of Stirling SEAS & AUSSIES all with a view to assist the changes needed in Scarborough. Chas is a past president of the SBA. Chas is a real estate agent in the area who loves assisting others to secure the coastal lifestyle & its many benefits.  He has been selling properties on the coastal strip for 30 years in 2018.

Scarborough Beach Association Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richardson is the General Manager of Rendezvous Hotel. Rendezvous is the largest employer in the Scarborough Beach area and has always been very supportive of the Association and assisted us greatly whenever called upon.