30th August 2017



6.30 PM TUESDAY 30 AUGUST 2017




1.   Meeting Opened:   The meeting was declared open by the Chairman Wayne Bowen at 6.30pm and all attendees were welcomed.

Wayne Bowen gave a special welcome to our Local Member Liza Harvey and our Ward Councillor Karen Caddy. He acknowledged and thanked Karen for the work she has done in relation to the Northern and Southern Access Road extensions and also her efforts in obtaining financial relief from the City of Stirling for businesses on the beachfront affected by the re-development.

2.    Present:  See attached List.

3.    Apologies:   

Sean Reid, Kara Kilgallon, Esme Bowen, Anthony James, Rebecca Hunter, Stu Lewsley, Kathryn Stewart, Anothony Hilton.

4.    Minutes of the Previous AGM.   The minutes of the AGM held on 2 August 2016 were MovedTom O’Rourke and seconded Chas Paridis as being a true and accurate record of that meeting.                                                                         


5.    Chairman’s Report:    Wayne Bowen thanked all for their attendance and read his report.   (see attached)

6.     Treasurers Report:    Wayne Bowen gave an overview of the Associations current financial position and confirmed the Association is financial.  As of 30 June 2017 we had a cash balance of $5549.   Copy of report is attached.    Moved Liza Harvey and seconded Chas Paridis that the financial report be accepted.       


7.     Nominations and Election of Committee of Management: 

The following existing Committee members have agreed to stand for re-election: Geoff Counsel, Chas Paridis, Matthew Richardson and Gina Brand.

In addition, Nikki Graski and Kara Kilgallon, both of whom had been invited to join the Committee in the past year, have agreed to nominate for election.


It was Moved by Karen Caddy and Seconded by Philip Smith that the above 6 people be elected to the Committee.


8.     Association Fees:  

At the suggestion of the current Committee it was Moved by Katherine Stinson and Seconded Chas Paridis that the membership fee structure remain unchanged, as shown below:

Businesses:       $120.00

Residents:         $30.00             

Employees:       $30.00 if their employer is a member                  

                    :       $60.00 if their employer is not a member.                         


9.     General Business.

9.1 Wayne Bowen spoke about the work Marlene Robbins had put into producing the Carols over the past 24 years and explained that the Committee had agreed to seek approval from the members present to offer her Life Membership of the Association.  As such:

It was Moved Wayne Bowen and Seconded Liza Harvey for Marlene Robbins be granted Life Membership of the Scarborough Beach Association.



9.2 Wayne explained the need to for a senior bookkeeper or accountant to assist the Committee going forward. He asked for anyone who can help in this regard to make contact with him.

9.3 Karen Caddy thanked the SBA for the constructive and positive approach it has taken in regard to the re-development of the beachfront and thanked all the Committee for their work.

9.4 Chas Paridis thanked Wayne Bowen for his contribution as Chairman over the past 2 years.

9.5 Wayne Bowen thanked Ben Randallfor hosting the AGM at The Sandbar.

10.     Meeting Closed:    The meeting was closed at 7.00pm


Scarborough Beach Association
2017 Annual General Meeting


Chairman’s Report

In 2017 the Association has made significant progress in a number of areas. The most significant was the completion and the launch of our 3 year Action Plan. This Action Plan provides a meaningful record of for whom; why and for what the association exists. It also outlines a large number of activities which we will be exploring and a number of which we hope to implement over this period. I know a number of you were there for this launch and I restate my comments from that night – we are looking to the future whilst always recognising our past and the importance that past has played in shaping Scarborough and bringing it to the cusp of this new era.

We have continued a strong dialogue with the MRA throughout the year, to ensure that the redevelopment stays on track and on time with a positive outcome for Scarborough Beach. This has again resulted in many meetings and telephone discussions with them, which has enabled us to remain as fully informed as possible and thereby keeping our membership base up to date on the redevelopment progress.

I am very pleased to inform you that we are well underway in the preparation for the Carols at Scarborough. As you will recall last year the Carols were cancelled due to the inability to ensure an open and safe environment for them to be held. We are quite confident that this will not occur this year and we are very pleased to acknowledge our new charity partner Muscular Dystrophy WA. I am also delighted to announce that the City of Stirling have again been a big financial supporter of this event as well as our single biggest corporate sponsor 3 Oceans committing to this year’s Carols and being granted naming rights for the event. A huge thank you to Marlene Robins for all her work again in making this event the success it always is. It all seems to magically happen on the night but I can assure you so much work goes on behind the scenes to enable this event to support well in excess of 5,000 attendees. Thank you Marlene.

I am also pleased to announce that planning for another major event is well underway – The Scarborough Sunset Markets. Whilst the City of Stirling have again come on board with financial backing, there is no certainty that this event will proceed, as we are still seeking sponsorship commitment from the corporate sector. With a budget in excess of $260k, the Association cannot commit to it without securing our financial position. Nevertheless, until we reach our ‘drop dead date’, we will be proceeding with our planning on an optimistic basis. If the Sunset Markets do proceed, they are planned to be held on a Thursday evening from the beginning of December through to April from 4.30pm – 10pm weekly. We have partnered with Kinn & Co as our events expert to help ensure their success. The venue for this weekly event will evolve and change as the footprint of the MRA slowly diminishes over this period.

Recently 3 Oceans have announced that they will be providing a series of Community Chest Grant Funds of up to $3k for eligible organisations. The SBA will be making application for one of these Grants. The exact purpose still needs to be decided, however given our Activity Schedule we will be able to find something that fits into this category quite quickly. Again I acknowledge the community work 3 Oceans are doing for residents and businesses within the community.


Remember, your Association is run by a small group of volunteers who have other jobs, businesses or family commitments…so should a call for assistance be made please think twice before hitting ‘delete’!!!!

So, I hope you will all support us, if and when called upon and also by re-joining the Association when the 2017 membership renewals are sent out in the very near future. Please also encourage others to join so that the Association.

Having said this I would like to thank our Committee for their efforts in this lastyear.

Thank you

Wayne Bowen

Treasurers Report


·       The Association started off the year with a cash balance of $8,896.

·       The balance at 30 June 2016 was $8,001.

·       Total Revenue received was $4,522. This comprised;


-          Business Memberships $3,650 (30 business members)

-          Residential Members $300 (10 residential members)

-          Employees - $180 (6 employee members)

-          Total of 46 members

-          Non-Members attending our functions $390 (13 in total)

-          Interest income of $2.09

·       Total Expenses for the year were $5417 comprising;


-          AGM Expenses for 2015 of $622

-          Members Functions throughout the year of $1336

-          Website Development & Hosting of $3285

-          Meeting Expenses $53

-          Postage $121

·       Providing a net deficiency for the year of $895











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